Each 100% recyclable box comes with 15 biodegradable wrapped sachet tea bags. Flowerhead Tea is out of Los Angeles, California.


Double Mint Rose: Gunpowder pearls are blended with spearmint, peppermint, and rose petals, giving you a full-bodied green tea with a floral yet minty finish. Medium Caffeine.

Early Grey: All the flavor and strength you'd expect from a classic Earl Grey. Assam is a hearty base for dots of bergamot, bright blue cornflower, and citrus peel.

Fuck The Grind: Roasted Mate, blended with cacao nibs and vanilla for a rich and malty flavor. Enjoy straight up or with milk and honey. 

The Deep Steep: Hojicha is blended with roasted corn and barley for a warm and toasty brew. The Deep Steep can be enjoyed any time of day since Hojicha is low in caffeine. 

Mrs. Rooiboson: A sweet and decadent blend of red rooibos, mint, and warming spice. She doesn't contain caffeine, though she does give you a naturally energizing lift. 

Chronic WellnessChronic Wellness is a tisane for any time. It truly shines if you're feeling under the weather. Find comfort in this perfect blend of chamomile, echinacea and citrus.

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