WABI-SABI by Leonard Koren


The book and way of thinking that inspired our design & lifestyle here at Sacred Thistle.

An updated version of the seminal 1994 classic volume on the beauty of things unconventional.

Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by artist, aesthetics expert and writer Leonard Koren describes the essential principles of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic associated with Japanese tea ceremonies and based on the belief that true beauty comes from imperfection, incompletion and impermanence.  This is a short but concise text on not only the aesthetic associations of wabi-sabi as it relates to designers and artists, but the deeper philosophical truths behind wabi-sabi that can guide us in everyday life, helping us give daily acknowledgement to the beauty that surrounds us.

5.6" x 8.5"

Paperback | 96 pages

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